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  1. How Social Media is changing the plumbing industry Chris Derrer 12 hours 56 mins ago
  2. Encouraging women into the plumbing industry Chris Derrer 30-Apr-2018

How Social Media is changing the plumbing industry

Chris Derrer - Friday, May 25, 2018

Remember how back in the day everything was spread from word of mouth and your work’s reputation? Remember how you had to be good at your job and then (and only then) did you get recommended for work? Well … The days of word-of-mouth and the odd leaflet are over. Everything is done online these days, from your tax returns, to your shopping and that is slowly becoming the reality of people. People are becoming digitalised, placing profiles of themselves on apps and services known as social media. Social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are more popular than ever and not even a recent data scare with Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t enough to turn off 90% of the 1st world population from using Facebook. Facebook doesn’t just have people’s profile’s on there but also business accounts (like ours… check it out here:

Now that the shameless plug is out the way, how is social media changing plumbing? Well more and more plumbers are becoming tech savvy as the younger generations come through and they post their services, prices and some of their work online… This becomes easier to find for the majority of people, rather than looking for a plumber out on the street, or asking your entire neighbourhood which plumber is best to use. If that wasn’t enough, they can also be rated out of five stars and people can leave comments about their behaviour, professionalism, and the quality of the job, so it’s not like you can get away with being terrible through social media either. Once people see that your account is verified, they’ve seen some photos of your work and read a couple of reviews (and they are all good) then you have yourself a customer.

It’s these new tech savvy plumbers and those that hire digital agencies to establish their online presence that get the majority of the local work as people on social media can share other pages or pictures and tag that plumber in, allowing a whole new person’s entire friend list to be witness to the work, then they’ll think “wow that guy’s work is great, I should bookmark his page so if I ever need any plumbing done, I know I can trust that guy”. And that’s all it is with social media - It seems more legitimate and therefore is easier to get someone hired quicker.

At HPS we have a couple of social media accounts, you can find our Twitter account: and our Facebook account: Hopefully you’ll find some really good content, plumbing banter and some wonderful plumbing mishaps to laugh at.

Encouraging women into the plumbing industry

Chris Derrer - Monday, April 30, 2018

It’s fair to say that Britain has one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world, with people of all roots coming together to make us one of the most diverse nations on the map. We’re known for progressing quickly and welcoming all kinds of change. Since 2018 has been celebrated as The Year of the Woman, we have decided to dedicate this blog to encouraging women within, and into the plumbing industry. We want women competing for those top plumbing jobs, and we want to start seeing a rise of female employment within the plumbing world – and quickly.

We can’t help but notice that certain industries, such as those within engineering, and trades – as well as our own unfortunately, often make the integration for women difficult. This is often due to stereotypes, sexism, and employees who believe that the once male-dominated industry should remain just that… and as the latest EDF advert states, “We’re pretty serious about changing that”.

We’re not going to list all the ways that one might think that plumbing is preferred by males, because quite frankly – all we want to talk about is listing all the reasons why women should be working the plumbing industry, just as well as they work all other industries. Just because there’s a slight amount of manual labour, and a potential mess if you get it wrong – shouldn’t automatically make people believe it’s a job for a man. We’re pretty certain that if your house was flooding due to a burst pipe, you wouldn’t care who walked through the door if they were the only one who could fix it, would you?

Many women have already started making waves within the plumbing industry, by creating their own female-only companies. These companies are becoming increasingly popular with women themselves who are looking for plumbers and would feel more comfortable with them being female too. This is just one way that women are using their ever-growing creativity to smash the obstacles in their way. If you’re doing something you love, then you’re not going to care whether you get a bit grubby on the job! Much like a dentist, if you love teeth it’s the career for you, if you don’t love teeth then maybe not so much, right?

We don’t need to overcomplicate it, we just need to change it. You’re not paid to pass opinion on women or men in the workplace – you’re paid to do your job. If you’re good at your job, you reap the benefits and are recognised for this – equally, if not… well, you get the opposite. The younger generations of girls and future generations need to be given the same opportunities as boys when it comes to jobs and experience within the engineering or trade industries. This is very simple too. The more we encourage women and girls to pursue their work in something they enjoy, rather than putting them off because “it’s messy”, the more we will gain extra pairs of skilled hands within our industry. If you’re already in the industry (male, female, unicorn) then it’s down to us to encourage our girls to get involved!

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