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why PolyPlumb is a good option

Chris Derrer - Tuesday, August 22, 2017

At HPS we have a wide range of materials for fittings and products, as we want to expand your and our knowledge of which materials are suited better to specific environments. For example, can you use PolyPlumb where hot water is needed to pass through? What will allow for the best joint integrity? What pipe stiffener should be used? And also what benefits and cons does PolyPlumb have? Don’t worry we’re going to get right onto it and make sure you’re an expert by the time you’ve finished reading!  

Robust and reliable, PolyPlumb has stood the test of time. PolyPlumb fittings feature a single step jointing process and a high performance stainless steel grab ring within the fitting, which allows for superb joint integrity. Use with Polypipe grey polybutylene flexible pipe, or you can combine PolyPlumb fittings and copper pipe. We recommend the use of a Polypipe metal or plastic pipe stiffener when used with plastic pipe.

PolyPlumb is suitable for use in most plumbing and heating installations including hot and cold water and underfloor heating applications. The system offers a number of benefits, including: time efficient, no nonsense one step joint process, high performance stainless steel grab ring ensures superb joint integrity, demountable only by disassembling reducing potential for tampering. On top of this, it is inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain, which makes it incredibly popular with plumbers who rely on plastic pipes and parts to have greater resistance to corrosion and degradation and a big bonus is that won’t transfer any taste when used with drinking water systems.

So there you have it, PolyPlumb systems are suitable pretty much across the board, from waste systems to drinking water systems, with a number of benefits. Care to find out more or wish to purchase some for your next job? Not a problem, all of our PolyPlumb materials are listed and explained here

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