Many boilers that we stock here at HPS have the capability of becoming “Smart” boilers by utilising products on the market such as NEST or HIVE. These are thermostats that can also be controlled via your smartphone, allowing you (so long as you have an internet connection) to turn your heating up or down, set patterns and do pretty much what you would normally do with a physical thermostat but from anywhere you feel so inclined.

Some of the bigger boiler brands are also following suit now, Worcester Bosch has brought out its own version of a smart thermostat called Easy Control. Similar to NEST or HIVE. Easy Control is a similar offering, it has its own app, it’s own branded module that you mount to your wall and like the other two, you can set patterns and see how much energy you’re using… pretty good when you want to keep tabs on when the kids put the heating up without you knowing.

The question is though, are they worth spending the money on? Why not just get a normal wall thermostat that doesn’t have any of the fancy elements. Well, most boiler companies are now joining the smart market. If they don’t have their own smart thermostats like Worcester Bosch or Honeywell they will most likely have designed their boiler to be able to be fitted with a third party device. Recently more manufacturers have been bundling them together as a package so that’s always worth keeping an eye out for if you are looking to get a smart thermostat.

With all the technology packed into them and with the growing demand from customers, you’d be missing out by not starting offering them. To find out more about smart thermostats talk to a member of the HPS team at any one of our 30+ branches for more information.