The rise of social media has been nothing but phenomenal, from MySpace to Facebook the world has been opened up, allowing the average person to peer into the lives of billions of other people. More and more businesses are getting an online presence due to the easiness of the various platforms. Making the shop window visible for hundreds if not thousands of people to see from anywhere in the world.

Many plumbers and heating engineers have joined in on the social media rat race in an attempt to win over new customers. For some, it seems to be working, for many though it probably isn’t really moving the needle. But why not? After all, that added exposure to the local area and beyond can be hugely beneficial.

Here are a few tips and things to think about when posting your work on social media:

  • Be ready for anything – While social media can be a positive place to post work, it can also attract people looking for anything to have their word on, sometimes positive but it can be negative too.
  • Post things that are interesting – No one likes to be scrolling through their feed and see a 15-minute video on why a P trap is called a P trap. Keep it short, engaging and to the point!
  • Keep your customer’s privacy – Always get your customers permission if you’re posting a video of the work completed. If you’re posting photos of the job it might also be a good idea to make sure that the job is 100% complete and the customer is happy with the final outcome.