More plumbers and heating engineers are having to change with the times. No longer can a potential customer reach into the living room draw and pull out the big Yellow pages. What they can do, is quickly do a Google search, ask Facebook for recommendations and read reviews on platforms like Checkatrade to find out who in the local area is the most trustworthy.

In 2019 the Yellow Pages produced the final issue, meaning that at the start of this decade everything is now online. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though being online and open but it does mean that your business is on a stage with the rest of the plumbers or heating engineers in your local area.

We recently did a blog on how best to utilise social media, if you missed that you can read it here. This is slightly different though, with this online boom comes a lot of red flags to look for, you’ll probably be receiving phone calls from companies saying that they can boost your workload by adding you to their platform, our advice.. Do your research! People can promise the world online and not really get much bang for your hard-earned cash.

Always remember, self-promotion is the best promotion, make sure you have some social media pages set up and get customers who can to leave a review. Your favourite boiler company may be part of the new digital movement. Companies such as Vaillant, Worcester Bosch and BAXI have been slowly rolling out “Local Certified” iOS and Android applications. These work similar to UBER, for example, the customer in your local area wants a Vaillant boiler fitting, they go on the app, choose their boiler and a list of “certified” installers will appear, the job will then get put into the pool of engineers and if your criteria matches the job you will be added to the pot to accept or decline a job along with 10-20 other installers. A huge difference from just having an ad in the Yellow pages and waiting for that call!

Remember no matter what the job is if you need the tools and fittings be sure to visit your local HPS branch!