HPS Lymington


Unit 733, Ampress Lane, Ampress Park
Southampton Road
Lymington Hampshire SO41 8LW
United Kingdom

Branch Manager: Chris Churcher

Tel. No: 01590 675589
Email Address:

Branch News

Self Employed or Firm Work?

Plumbers! It’s time to address the most important question, do you join a plumbing firm or do you go self-employed? Well, the answer may be clearer than you think, but it totally depends on you as a person. Are you an apprentice, or perhaps just fresh out of your education and looking to start your…

Friendly advice for your customers

Customers don’t like being made to feel daft… But when you are a plumber, there’s never a shortage of people who create their own problems for you to fix. Repeat business is good, however, being called out to fix silly problems customers cause themselves isn’t, especially if it’s the same customers again and again… you…

Before, During & After Winter

Every year when the weather drops colder, the instances of needed plumbing repairs increases and the number of plumbing emergencies also rises. But hey, more work for us then eh? You know what they say; “the more the merrier”, but this isn’t always the case. Often an influx of jobs can mean being over worked,…

Stock Checks & Enquiries