HPS Portsmouth


Unit E12, Voyager Park
Portfield Road
Portsmouth Hampshire PO3 5FL
United Kingdom

Branch Manager: Peter Aird

Tel. No: 02392 650600
Email Address: Portsmouth@hpsmerchant.co.uk

Branch News

What makes a good merchant?

Here at HPS, we’d like to think we know what makes a good merchant for plumbers so, we decided to collect and present the top qualities in a good merchant that you would typically expect… yes, we do all of these! Products Let’s start with an obvious one. Products are the main reason that merchant’s…

Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Plumbing isn’t just about water and sanitation, it’s also about heating and gas, particularly for those plumbers who are also gas safe engineers. That’s right, without plumbing we wouldn’t just be without clean water and sanitation, but we’d be without the things that give our lives comfort; warm water and central heating. Whilst boilers aren’t…

What is Water Hammer?

Often the most common issues pop-up the most regularly such as leaky taps, burst pipes and a broken water heater or boiler, but what about one that a lot of clients seem to overlook, despite its obnoxious effect, yes … we are talking about “water hammer”. What is Water Hammer? We’re pretty certain that the…

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