Before, During & After Winter

Every year when the weather drops colder, the instances of needed plumbing repairs increases and the number of plumbing emergencies also rises. But hey, more work for us then eh? You know what they say; “the more the merrier”, but this isn’t always the case. Often an influx of jobs can mean being over worked, which can then begin to effect things outside of work. So, what are some things that plumbers can do before, during and after winter to make sure that they prevent/fix as many emergencies as possible?

BEFORE WINTER: Clue up your clients

Of course, a real magician never reveals his secrets, you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry doing your job for you, right? However, a certain level of basic knowledge and preparedness of the steps for an emergency for your client can save you vital time and stop an intensifying problem, meaning when you arrive on scene you can just do what you do best (fix stuff!) and then leave for your next job… nice! You’ll also become a trusted trader by that client if you look to be offering them advice that could save them future call out costs! Trust = recommendations!

BEFORE WINTER: Insulate water pipes exposed to the elements

Obviously after following the step above, you can use your powers of persuasion (and hopefully knowledge) on your client to get permission to insulate their pipes. Remember not everyone will let you do this as they will think you are just creating jobs you can charge for, but this could save a lot of burst pipes over the coming months. They may regret it if not!

DURING WINTER: Keep the house warm!

Whilst we like to promote energy efficiency here at HPS, one sure fire way of stopping internal pipes from Freezing over the cold winter months is to never let your home get TOO cold. Never let the heating be off for more than a few hours, even if you go away. If the temperature drops drastically, you could come back to frozen pipes that could cause all sorts of problems! Plus, some studies have shown that it can be more cost effective to keep your home at a consistent temperature than having to constantly heat up over and over again from very low temperatures.

AFTER WINTER: Repair all damages sustained in winter.

What follows winter? Spring… which is the most unpredictable time of year for weather, so it is best to make sure that any damages sustained to your clients plumbing system is repaired before moving forward into the new season. Let’s face it, it’s more likely to snow at Easter than Christmas in the UK!

Promotions & Offers In Store

We have offers on in-branch for select ranges of certain top, high quality brands in the world of plumbing and heating and they are currently running until March 2019, so you’ve still got a few more weeks to get some vital shopping done for your outstanding jobs! Let’s have a look at the main product offers that you can find in your local HPS branch, remember if you’re stuck on anything you can always rely on our trade counter staff to clarify for you and make the transition seamless.

ADEY Products:

Some of the highest quality filters and chemicals come from ADEY. On offer right now are:

  • NEW Atom Filter (Use Code: ATOM)
  • NEW MagnaClean Pro 3 Sense Filter (Use Code: MAGPRO03)
  • New MagnaClean Pro 3 Sense Filter with MC1/MC3 Chemicals


Grundfos Products:

Grundfos manufacture some very nice shower pumps and we’ve managed to get them onto our promotions list:

  • Grundfos 1.5 Bar Twin Shower Pump
  • Grundfos Amazon 3 Bar Twin Shower Pump

Vaillant Boilers Offer:

Vaillant are a producer of quality standard, energy efficient boilers that we stock at HPS. Our Vaillant special offer is on the entire Vaillant Ecotec Plus range when bought with the Vaillant system filter. You’ll also get one of our snazzy HPS & Vaillant Regatta body warmer to keep you toasty and stylish on the move! But wait… There is more, you also get a 10 year warranty, piece of mind for a whole decade!

Henrad Products:

Henrad radiators are now on offer in your local HPS branch! When you buy a Henrad radiator you can also pick up an Entity TRV & LS Pack for just £5.50 + VAT, which is a bargain for unmarked quality. There are also other Henrad offers you can ask about to our trade counter staff.


You can ask our trade counter staff for information on pretty much all of our offers, we’d advise asking about offers on Entity products and Barlo radiators as they are also listed in our Promotions brochure, which you can read online here.

The Vital Link Between Plumbing & Health

As it was world plumbing day earlier this month, we learned a lot about the crucial link between indoor plumbing, sanitation and their effects on health, it is more vital than you imagined. Lets just look back 300 years ago in the 1700’s, the life expectancy was 47 years old! Compare that to now where we have people living to 90 and beyond and you’ve got to ask yourself, what changed?

Well, the difficult thing about finding this link between plumbing and sanitation is that so many technological and medical advances were made in that time, but even if medicine were as good as it is today, we’d be far from safe from the dangers of having no plumbing and sewer systems.

Before the invention of the sewer and indoor plumbing systems, people would throw their waste into the gutters out of their windows because they couldn’t get rid of it elsewhere. The towns and streets would smell of sewage, rats and other vermin would become associated pests and this would transmit disease.

So what did indoor plumbing do for the UK when it first came into use? Well, in the decades that followed cases of Cholera dropped significantly and now Cholera can’t be found in the UK at all, thanks to indoor plumbing and water treatment. So it’s thanks to plumbers that you don’t have worry about anything like that coming out of your taps.

We should also point out that Only 40% of the world at the moment has this luxury of sanitation. When you consider that very few 3rd world countries have indoor plumbing and the 3rd world does make up 75% of the population, it’s very easy to just take this system we have for granted and people do… That’s where your guys’ funny pictures of things you found down the drain comes in 😉