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How Social Media is changing the plumbing industry

Remember how back in the day everything was spread from word of mouth and your work’s reputation? Remember how you had to be good at your job and then (and only then) did you get recommended for work? Well … The days of word-of-mouth and the odd leaflet are over. Everything is done online these […]

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Encouraging women into the plumbing industry

It’s fair to say that Britain has one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world, with people of all roots coming together to make us one of the most diverse nations on the map. We’re known for progressing quickly and welcoming all kinds of change. Since 2018 has been celebrated as The Year of […]

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Keeping an eye on the little things

Many people don’t tend to worry about the smaller things in life, it’s just one of those things that is installed into your brain early on, like the saying “If you spend all your time on the little things you end up missing the big picture”. Now although that is mainly true, it’s not so […]

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When should you call a plumber?

There’s an old saying in the world of plumbing… “We’re here to fix what your husband broke” and believe us when we say… although it is often said in jest, there can often be some truth in it! We think that the plumbers out there will agree with us when we say that sometimes people […]

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Underfloor heating, is it the right choice?

The idea of underfloor heating feels like quite a new one doesn’t it? Most of us haven’t grown up with underfloor heating in our homes, at best we may have heard that it was placed under top flight football pitches, to stop the ground freezing over for the game, but that was about it. Underfloor […]

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3 Things That Really Annoy Plumbers

As plumbers we have a very skilled, yet simple job. Everything flows downwards, payday is Friday and all you gotta do in the meantime is make sure remember not to bite your nails if you forget your gloves. Okay maybe it’s not that simple, some of us work hard and we don’t fit into the […]

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Why a water filtration system could be good for your clients

“What’s wrong with the water that comes out of the tap?” we hear you ask… “Surely it must be safe and regulated” Well… yes, but it’s not quite that simple. Which is why a home water filtration system could be something to make your clients aware of… Environmental Conservation Globally, around 1 million plastic bottle […]

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Why is the boiler losing pressure?

You’re nice and toasty in bed at 6:30am and ring, ring, ring, ring! After taking a few seconds to stir, and asking yourself what kind of person is up this damn early complaining, you answer your phone. The person on the other end of the phone has no heating… the cause? Low boiler pressure. As […]

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How to Install the Perfect Bathroom for your Client

Bathroom designs and styles are always changing. Wet rooms and shower rooms are becoming increasingly popular and can often be the best-looking room in the house. Your clients may ask that you advise on what YOU think they should have installed. So, what are the factors to consider when giving this advice? Will it fit? […]

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Wireless Thermostats: When and How they should be installed

Controlling our heating from a distance wirelessly, whether it’s to heat up the home with more fluidity, or simply the convenience of not having to walk to the thermostat all the time is becoming a real trend. Wireless and Bluetooth heating control devices are becoming more and more popular as of late with apps like […]

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Getting Started In Plumbing & Apprenticeships

Being a plumber is actually a very rewarding occupation. It utilizes a person’s problem solving, troubleshooting and is also very practical and hands-on, if you’re into that… It also means you may be up to your ‘you know what’ in water at some point where you shouldn’t be, however that’s all a part of the […]

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Eliminating Rusty Water In The Home

Rust and Water People up and down the country rely on their tap water to be as clean and clear as possible, so what happens when someone calls you up saying their tap water is reddish brown or smells or tastes quite metallic and bitter? As we’re sure you already know… those are all the […]

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