A toilet revolution is happening..right now!

Have any of you seen the new Netflix documentary ‘Inside Bills Brain’? If you haven’t, we urge you to go and watch it! It’s a documentary featuring the founder of one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates and it follows them on their mission to reinvent the toilet for third world countries whose sanitation is below what we would expect in the more developed countries around the world.

In the documentary, it opens up issues surrounding waste sanitation such as disease and water-born bacteria, which in our everyday lives probably wouldn’t cross our minds. Bill’s current mission is to create a toilet that doesn’t use any water, any electricity and must be self-sufficient. Which is a tall order for something that will need to be under $500 a piece to produce.

Bill’s foundation has been gifted 35 Billion USD by financial mogul Warren Buffet to help with the cause and each year they have the ‘Reinvented Toilet Expo’ in China, to see what university and private firms are coming up with to aid with the development of this new toilet.

The documentary takes you up through all the different prototypes to where they currently are, a toilet which burns the waste that goes into it, causing steam to power the cycle and remove the waste, a very innovative solution but at this moment the price of just one of these fantastic toilets is way over $50,000… a far cry from the $500 unit price they are aiming for.

What do you think about this idea? Do you have any ideas for a revolutionary toilet? Let us know via our social channels!