Plumbing isn’t just about water and sanitation, it’s also about heating and gas, particularly for those plumbers who are also gas safe engineers. That’s right, without plumbing we wouldn’t just be without clean water and sanitation, but we’d be without the things that give our lives comfort; warm water and central heating.

Whilst boilers aren’t really playing much of a factor in keeping people warm at this time of year, it’s still advised that your clients ask you to check their boiler and hot water heating systems and that they are still working after a long period of inactivity. Afterall, pipes can erode, fittings can come lose, valves can lose pressure and all of these things happen due to a lack of maintenance. This can leave the customer having to shell out on boiler repairs (or a completely new boiler) on top of winter’s extortionate energy bill usage.

What should you encourage your customers to check during the summer?

  • Inspect the boiler equipment for leaking water, particularly underneath and to the side
  • Check temperature readings and pressure readings to make sure all are within the standard.
  • Closely watch for any error codes on the visual electronic display if it has one.
  • If at all possible, inspect burner flame.
  • Take readings of CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions

Why now? Why not! For heating engineers, it’s the quietest time of the year – which means no long waits for your customers. It also means that they’re preventing the inevitable happening and their boiler breaking down on the coldest day of the year in a few months’ time.

Encouraging boiler maintenance over the summer months and sending past clients reminders such as the above bullet points can really keep your calendar full over the quieter months, plus your customers will be happy and warm during the winter!