Customers son raises £1200 to go to scout Euro Jamberee 2020

One of our customer’s sons has taken it upon themselves to complete a 25-mile hike over the South Downs and managed to raise enough money to go to the scout Euro Jamberee next year!

Customer Jason Cooke’s son was trying to raise £1200 so he could attend the huge event for scouts across Europe, set up by the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Not only did he do this, but he did it in absolute style as he was wearing the HPS logo proudly on his hiking jacket as he took to the South Downs.

So far, two European Scout Jamborees (or EuroJam’s) have been held as a dress rehearsal for the World Scout Jamborees to be held one or two years later at the same site, each with about 10,000 participants so it’s clear as to why the youngster was keen on attending. the World Scout Conference in Baku 2017 decided that the 25th World Scout Jamboree would take place in Korea in 2023, Scouts from almost 30 European countries requested the Polish Scouting Association to consider organizing Eurojam. European Scout organizations therefore set into motion that EuroJam 2020 will take place on Sobieszewo Island, in Gdańsk, Poland, with a target of 25,000 participants, and is in the planning process.

We’re very honoured to be associated with this act of hard work and perseverance and we’re very happy that the young man’s walk over the South downs was able to raise the cash needed to attend the event.