Dealing with Drain Flies

Dealing with Drain Flies

We all hate those nuisance bugs. All we want is a nice clean kitchen or bathroom, but a heatwave hits and then you notice some little pests flying around your home. Or perhaps your client called you up on a lazy Saturday morning with complaints of flies around their drains at home. Whether you are a plumber or a homeowner in need, here’s all you need to get rid of those annoying drain flies.

What are drain flies?

Drain flies are small bugs that typically like sewage, drains, warm and moist environments. Basically, your kitchens and bathrooms during hot weather.

How to locate the breeding ground

Place sticky tape over your drains for a couple of hours and return to them later, if that’s where the flies are coming from, you’ll probably find a few of the little blighters stuck to the underside of the tape!

How to deal with the flies

There are numerous ways you can remove drain flies once they are located, which is good news! First of all, DON’T POUR BLEACH DOWN THE DRAIN. Mixing certain bleaches with coating of older pipes can cause corrosion. Also, you may kill off a few larvae but that is literally all you will do, the bleach doesn’t stay in the drain long enough to cause damage to all the caked amounts of eggs and flies on the inside of the drain. First of all, if possible remove the drain cover, get some non-corrosive drain un-blocker, a plunger and a metal pipe brush. Apply the drain un-blocker and wait for that to take effect, then give the drain a good scrub with the bendy pipe brush, pushing down as far as it will reach to move the blockage/bugs as far down the pipe as possible.

You may then want to use a little more of your drain unblocker/cleaner, followed by a damn good plunging to make sure the little pests have been flushed away. As an alternative to drain un-blocker, remember that adult drain flies hate detergent, so mix a bit in some water in a spray can and get to work attacking those last few remainders. The only thing to do now, is keep those drains clean! The pests will return if the drain is prone to clogs and blockages, so if that’s a common occurrence you may want to consider reworking the pipework underneath… but that’s a story for another day.

We hope this has been useful, as reports of drain flies approach peak times around end of July/August when humidity is at it’s greatest. Remember if you’re not an expert, then you can always call a plumber… just make sure they get their stuff from HPS 😉