Having a bad day? Hopefully not as bad as these guys…

We’ve all had bad days at work. Some days we can’t wait to just go home, eat some food, get showered and get in bed, prepared and hoping for tomorrow to be a better day, sometimes that works… other times? Not so much.

But if you did happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning we’re here to tell you “hey, it’s not all bad” and “look at the day these guys have had!” and we can all have a share a cheeky laugh together and then get on with the rest of our days. Sound like a good idea? Of course it is!

1. Job gets robbed

Ben is a good plumber, he’s a one-man-band and very conscious of cost and his customer’s satisfaction. One day he got a call out from a customer who had a backed-up sewer line and a broken sump pump. In order to fix it, he would have to drain it, but as a small one-man-band at the time, Ben didn’t have sewage pumping tanks, so he subcontracted that part of the job to another company. The bad thing was he was stood there the entire time and the company had completely poached his customer, offering to take on the job for mere pennies less.  Full story here: https://imgur.com/gallery/rrFO5

2. Swimming Lessons?

Matthew was just another plumber who had narrowly avoided the cruel finger of fate up until he was called into a job where is primary skill set of plumbing would also be joining forces with art of swimming. That’s right! Matthew got called into a basement that had become a swimming pool overnight, so what did he do? Drain it? Nope… time is money! Instead he put on the snorkel and a wet suit and had to swim along all the pipes in the basement that added up to 20m in total length! Maybe he should become a swimming instructor. Full story here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7259759/tsunamis-of-poo-and-swimming-through-drains-of-fat-british-plumbers-reveal-the-grossest-parts-of-their-job/

3. “Just testing”

It’s not uncommon for artists to step back to view their work, it’s not uncommon for a chef to taste his own food, so maybe it shouldn’t be a crime for a plumber to spend a penny or two after he’s finished working on installing a new toilet, right? … Well… unfortunately for Tom, he left quite the odour, in-fact it was still there when the homeowner came back at lunch. The owner wished to talk design and installing the new tub in the bathroom, but Tom tried to sway the owner from walking into that room. Eventually, the homeowner walks in and makes quite the face at Tom who could only apologise profusely and left him rather embarrassed.  Full story here: https://www.plumbingzone.com/f13/funny-plumbing-stories-9393/