Modern plumbing has come a long way…

Plumbing can be seen, to an extent, as early as 6000 BC. Hundreds of years ago, people realised water was important, and everyone needed access to it. The slaves in ancient civilisations, who would initially collect water down at the rivers and take it back up to the land in giant pots, were to be instructed to build rudimentary pipes. Substitutes for such can even be found in areas where ancient civilisations lived. Of course, there were a limited number of tools at that point in time and whatever tools they did have were standardised or guaranteed in any way. So, as a whole plumbing wasn’t standardised like it is today, where it has an industrial presence of its own.

Clearly today it has come a long way with new materials for pipes, filtration systems are in place, and there is generally more efficiency for water transferal due to the scientific calculations that would make sure the piping can provide and retain the right amount of water pressure. Plumbing has become a part of everybody’s house hold in the modern era, this is a massive change to the times where plumbing first arose, where only royalty, such as kings and VIP’s would have a set of pipes to remove liquefied waste and supply their clean water. Even as late as the 18th Century people in western Europe would remove their waste by throwing it out of windows into the streets. One of the major reasons we saw a boom in residential plumbing was the factor of hygiene and the life expectancy was low at this point due to the poor sanitation.

Since the 19th Century there has been many adaptations to plumbing and fittings for the general public. The first tap to have hot and cold under a single tap handle was made in 1939, which made life more convenient and then later developments saw an increase in sanitation through water filters and pipes designed with retention of pressure in mind which could later make shower head fittings possible.

Plumbing has been one of the most important developments in human history and could’ve been the difference between a sanitised, developed world and one ridden with disease, infection and millions of people who live many miles in-land, would be without water. Good job plumbers! You’re saving the planet every day!