Unless you’re really close with your customers, you can avoid having to schedule some time with them over the festive season by following these helpful tips:

  • If they have a full house much like Home Alone make sure you advise their guests to wait around 15 minutes between showers so that your drains have time to do their thing.
  • Cooking oil and fat solidifies in pipes, but we didn’t need to tell you that. Make sure they don’t pour either down the drain. Instead, wipe greasy pots with a paper towel and throw it in the recycling. We know, after the main-event dinner the LAST thing they will want to do is properly wash up… but it’ll save you a bad day!
  • Cotton balls, sanitary items, hair or wipes don’t dissolve. Instead, they block pipes, and cause you and your pair of rubber gloves a bad day at the office so be sure to tell them to put a nice big friendly sign up!
  • Give them plenty of warning, make sure your clients know when you’re working and when you’re not working. If you have a website be sure to put up a friendly notice of your working schedule over Christmas.

By following these simple rules, you and your family can have an enjoyable Christmas without the work phone buzzing away in the background. Do advise your clients though that if something catastrophic were to happen not to try and fix it themselves! Be sure to give them a number of people who may be working the festive period.