Plumbing Myths – solved!

There is a myth for everything, everywhere – especially when it comes to plumbing and heating! Here at HPS, we have researched the most common myths many DIY-ers believe and we have the answers…

1. “My pipes aren’t clogged, water is still going down the drain!”
Well, would you believe us if we told you it’s actually about how quickly the water goes down the drain? For example, if your drain is slow to clear its bubbles when you turn on other faucets (or flush the toilet) you may be at the beginning of a bigger clog! It’s a very common mistake to wait until a drain is completely blocked until you call in the plumber; the damage and inconvenience could be terrible.

2. “I only need a plunger to remove clogs”
Plungers are simple, they work by plugging a clog free with suction – a great tool! BUT, unfortunately it won’t work on every single clog you come across. If the clog you are faced with is caused by something sturdy and stubborn like a tree root, you need a more forceful solution. Often, if a plunger doesn’t work, you should usually turn to your trustee plumbing snake. If this doesn’t work, try hydrojetting; this targets high-pressure water spray to break up and flush out clogs.

3. “My leaky tap can wait…”
What’s the one thing that people tend to put off? You guessed it… a leaky tap. This is because most people don’t think that it’s a big deal – but trust us, it is. The main issue is that the extra water running out of your tap is costing you money on your water bills… quite literally going down the drain! As well as this, a leaky tap can be a sign of trouble brewing elsewhere within your pipes – like other potential leaks. Getting to the bottom of and/or fixing what is causing the leak could actually save your home from some serious water damage.

4. “Creatures can’t get through the pipes… can they?”
The answer to this one is a simple yes. If a creature is small, flexible, and able to swim… they can get up your pipes. Which means, if they can get up your pipes, they can get into your home. Common uninvited guests include snakes (mainly in warmer countries), frogs, and rats. To stop the intruders from coming in, install a flap over the waste tube of your toilet; this will let waste out, while keeping the creatures out too!

So, there you have it, some of the most common plumbing myths, busted! If you would like to find out more about our services here at HPS, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.