The emergence of ‘Smart Plumbing’

Who knows what we’ll see in the future when it comes to plumbing and plumbing supplies; we already have Bluetooth shower systems in place, perhaps we could see self-cleaning toilets? Or LED Bathtubs? Future plumbing innovations are in demand, believe it or not. From flashy gadgets to smart innovations, the indoor plumbing tides are changing fast and for the better, with smart plumbing. In many modern buildings, luxury gadgets, maybe even like those described above in the future, go hand-in-hand with what is called smart plumbing.

Smart plumbing trends in new building design and old building renovations focus primarily on:

  • Promoting water efficiency
  • Waste removal efficiency
  • Methods of collection and storage of clean water
  • Economical heating systems

Smart plumbing, or green plumbing, aims to reduce water waste through new wastewater technologies, more efficient plumbing design, and practical landscaping. Green plumbing zeroes in on the conservation of our most important natural resource, by developing technologies such as WaterSense meters, that can regulate incoming water pressure for residences. Also greywater systems can be put in place to reuse excess waste water from the home, to be cleaned and then back into the water system or into irrigation. In the future these simple upgrades will have the potential to save hundreds on water and energy costs, which will in-turn add to your homes value.

Sanitary water supplies and adequate indoor plumbing supports families, businesses, industries, and agriculture across the UK and also the rest of the world. In-fact, 83% of people recognise that indoor plumbing and smart plumbing is essential to their own health and safety, as well as their families.

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