Plumbers and heating engineers rely on their phones for work, and most will be able to relate to the frustrations of a broken mobile as well as poor network connectivity, which often result in lost business.  If you’ve ever been had a job disrupted because of a damaged phone, you’ll be happy to hear that HPS has partnered with TUFF Phones, the manufacturer of ruggedised smartphones that are perfect for tradespeople. TUFF’s Android Smartphones are all certified waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof, making them incredibly durable and more than capable of withstanding anything a hardworking plumber encounters in their day-to-day work. You no longer have to fear a smashed screen or water-damaged device holding you back.

Itinerant plumbers and heating engineers will naturally find themselves running into a coverage blackspot now and then, preventing them from making potentially important calls and accessing the internet until they find a spot with good signal. When you’re with a single network provider, this is a significant risk, and needless to say it can be a huge setback. That’s why TUFFMultiNet is an excellent solution. All TUFF Phones can be purchased with a TUFFMultiNet SIM card, which will provide better network coverage for your business by offering the connectivity of three major networks: Three, EE, and O2. If the signal from Three (TUFFMultiNet’s primary network) drops, then your phone will connect to one of the other two, based on whichever has the strongest signal in your area. It allows you to stay connected to your customers and work associates, so your day can continue uninterrupted.

You can now purchase these fantastically strong phones from all HPS branches. So, if you would like to find out more about how a TUFF Phone could be the perfect phone for you, visit your nearest HPS today to inquire about the devices.

Extend your limits with TUFF.