Unforgiveable Plumbing Nightmares

Anybody who is a plumber will tell you they have worked to get the experience that they have now and guess what? Experience means making mistakes and learning from them to become better at your job and better as a person… However, (and this is a big HOWEVER) there is a difference between “oops, silly me… wrong valve” and “Oops, silly me I’ve fixed your leak by plugging a load of chip-shop rappers over it”. Basically, what we’re saying is, here are some massive plumbing nightmares, that nobody should replicate.

  1. Putty = Fixed leak? Right?

Just imagine you’re at work (I know terrible right?) and you’ve ran out of replacement piping – so you fix a minor leak with putty but that’s just a temporary fix right? This one is more for the DIYers as we’d hope you lot are all far more savvy than leaving this as a permanent fix. DON’T DO IT!

2. Copper and Steel Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is where steel and copper begin small reactions between the materials, through contact and/or friction. Copper is extremely reactive, and steel is partly made up of iron, which is known to react with the air and water quite well. An experienced plumber will tell you the best way to avoid having rusty water and pipe damage from galvanic corrosion is to connect dissimilar pipes the right way. Unlike whoever fitted this…

3. Drains and sewers? Not needed are they?

Those of you with a keen eye for plumbing are already holding your head in your hands consoling yourselves as to how one person could oversee this very integral part of our sanitation system here in the UK. In Devon in 2013 an older gentleman living in a mobile home complained of horrific sewage smells. At first he assumed it was the drains, but once it really started to get to the point where he couldn’t sleep anymore he went underneath to floor, only to discover he wasn’t even connected to a drain! For months, the waste water and toilet waste was being flushed into he soil under his house and sitting there. Nasty… and guess who was to blame? His cowboy plumber!

Thankfully, our nation is full of competent and reliable tradesmen like you and occurrences like this are very rare when an employment decision is made through the right recommendations and reviews. Hopefully none of these happened to yourself, or someone you know. But the awareness is very much needed.