What does the bathroom of the future look like?

Technology is an ever growing progression and as time moves on we will only see more technology pop up in our lives, look at the huge technological jump between the year 2000 to the year 2010 and then compare that to the advances between 1975 and 1985 and you can see that more happened in this decade than it did in the past.

In the bathrooms and plumbing sector there have been advances too and those advances will continue on into the future, so we want to ask ‘what does the bathroom of the future look like?’. Well first of all, showers and toilets have seen the most advances so far. Electric showers with ultimate flow and temperature control as well as stored user profiles (for different users) are already used (all be it sparingly at the moment), leading to a personalised shower experience that is 100% comfortable to the user.

Toilets have already seen major advancements in other areas of the world and you’ve got to think that maybe those will make their way over to the western world sooner or later. Countries like Japan have hugely advanced toilets with remote controls and buttons that all set up height, the seat, flush/flow settings, some of them even have an on-board A.I that talks to you and can guide users living with disabilities.

One thing that could become extinct from your bathroom over the se of the next 20 years is your towel… why you ask? Well, the thing is towels retain a lot of bacteria and they are actually quite unhygienic. So how will people get dry in the future after a long, luxurious soak? Body dryers – a unit in your bathroom that blows air at a set temperature and pressure to dry you off efficiently and comfortably. Again there are some already on the market, particularly in use by the accessible bathrooms sector to help those with limited mobility to get dry, but as with bidet toilets, we predict these will be pretty common place in years to come!