Why is being a plumber the best?

Ever wondered why there are so many other plumbers out there? Ever wondered how (most of them) stay so smiley even during the toughest of jobs? We have put together a list of the top five reasons as to why being a plumber is the best…

1. You’re never stuck in the same place
Plumbers are always being taken to new places, new jobs and new projects. Meaning that a plumber will meet lots of people in his/her lifetime, and have a wide variety in the types of work that he/she does.

2. Great networking
Moving around a lot, and meeting new people on a regular basis means that you will be meeting new contacts and potential clients for your business.

3. Great job satisfaction
By starting a job, working on the job, and finishing the job will give both you and your client great job and customer satisfaction; making our plumbers super happy people.

4. Taking pride in work has never been so simple!
Every plumber knows that the water service plays a very large part in people’s lives, and they also know that when people don’t have it, or there is a problem with theirs, it becomes a huge struggle – especially for families with young children. Therefore, you plumbers take huge pride in your work, as well as knowing you have helped other people fix their problems.

5. Fantastic job opportunities
As with many professions nowadays, most plumbers start as apprentices which means that they will have lots of work experience throughout their years of training to be a plumber, becoming a plumber, and being a plumber. This work experience helps plumbers later in life with new job opportunities.

These are just the most obvious benefits of becoming a plumber, but for those lucky enough to be their own boss, we needn’t mention the joys of self-employment for you and your family! But yes… this is a great benefit! Are you a plumber who loves your job? Let us know on our social media!