Pipes & Fittings

Pipes and fittings are the bread and butter of any home indoor plumbing system. It is the way that water (hot or cold) gets around the home, it assists in waste disposal and transferal. Luckily, in order to compensate for the very different layout of everyone’s individual homes, there are a solid variety of pipes, fittings, bends and soil pipes. It doesn’t matter where you are connecting, or what you are connecting to something else, there are many available pipes and fittings you can look into. Maybe you need a 92o bend single socket, or a 921/2o single branch double socket, you can find it within our pipes and fittings section? It doesn't matter, we'll have it. We stock the best quality pipes and fittings from the most credible manufacturers, so if you're looking for products from McAlpine or Polypipe, you know where to come!

Ordering Pipes & Fittings

HPS is the place to go when you need fittings and pipes to carry out your next batch of work. To get the latest deals on pipes & fittings you can read the promotions catalogue, or view the technical literature which will give you an idea on instruction. You can also visit your nearest branch and talk to one of our staff about the job and see which Pipes & Fittings they would recommend.

Stock Checks & Enquiries