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Spare Parts

Sometimes, the smallest part of the system is the one that is hardest working. Which is why we say that sometimes, even the slightest and smallest thing can break and affect the working order of the appliance or system it lives in. This isn’t fun for anybody who has to replace this right away to continue working. Also, if it’s just the smallest, but hardest working piece of the set, it can be a real pain to source and replace.
At HPS we believe you should be able to fix almost anything without resorting to “just getting a new one” staright away. Spare parts are in abundance for absolutely everything, in fact kitchen/bathroom products are just like a car in that respect, parts are interchangeable and replaceable for any decent mechanic, just like it is for any decent plumber. We hope it will give you the opportunity andinspiration to fix and mend, rather than throw away and offer a lowest repair price to your client, making them more likely to come back to you as a person they can trust.