Tools & Workwear

When it comes to the product, you know you can rely on HPS to deliver! But did you know we won’t just sell you the product, but we can supply you with the right tools to affix the product to wherever it needs to go. Weather you need a spare pair of plyers, a new screwdriver with multiple options, a folding knife, super-wide wrenches and even some PPE… Don’t worry, we have you covered with tools & workwear. We understand that certain tools require specific instruments to be worked on with and with that knowledge we decided that if it makes it more convenient for the customer to get their products and tools from the same place, same day then we shall have to offer tools too. Also, we understand that your tool box is like your baby, you carry it around everywhere, you don’t want anybody messing with it and you want your tools to look professional, tough, strong and durable, as well as having a kind of fancy touch, whether it be a splash of paint or a type of finish specific to that item. When it comes to workwear you may need a few things, when it comes to remaining comfortable, protected and looking awesome on the job. Need a new hi-vis? Soft shell jacket? Protective goggles? Whatever you need work wise, you can ask HPS.

Ordering Tools & Workwear

Need new tools or some workwear? You’ve came to the right place! There are a number of ways to make an enquiry or purchase. You can view our promotions catalogue for latest seasonal offers on tools & workwear, or view the technical literature for numbers and parts, as well as going to your nearest branch and asking a member of staff. Whatever you’re approach, we’re very sure you’ll get exactly what you were looking for.

Stock Checks & Enquiries