Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an application that keeps your floors warm to the touch at all times. Got laminated or tiled flooring? This is perfect for you in the winter, there will be no more waking up to step on a freezing cold floor, instead there will be comfort and efficiency in moving around. The underfloor heating system is often controlled by a thermostat and runs through a well-insulated area under the flooring. If you’re unsure how well insulated the space under your tiles/laminate are then ask the tradesman who is sorting your underfloor heating solution. But what’s the point of having underfloor heating? Radiators do a good enough job, right? Whilst most radiators will do the job, they can look ugly, not match well with your décor, and/or take up valuable wall space, as well as being more dangerous for small children and toddlers who may get a nasty burn or get trapped under it. This is one of the reasons why many parents by radiator covers, which only serve to make it look even uglier than before. Underfloor heating is will take up no wall space, it can’t be touched at it’s hottest point without removing the flooring, making it perfect for small children to live within that environment. It also means no ugly protruding radiators because heat rises, therefore heat made beneath the floor rises slowly to the ceiling, making the whole room gradually experience the heat.

Ordering Underfloor Heating

There are two standards for underfloor heating; electrical and water style heating techniques. For those of you who only want the best, Underfloor Heating Systems are the ideal choice for homeowners, plumbers and tradesmen looking to install the next big thing in home heating systems.

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