Many people don’t tend to worry about the smaller things in life, it’s just one of those things that is installed into your brain early on, like the saying “If you spend all your time on the little things you end up missing the big picture”. Now although that is mainly true, it’s not so much in the world of plumbing! Overlooking those little things can lead to slightly bigger little things, which leads to even bigger little things, then that all eventually turns into one or many BIG problems… not fun to tackle on a Monday morning we’re sure… Here are some smaller things you may or may not know to check next time you’re called out on some maintenance.

Check pipe insulation

Firstly, this isn’t about checking for holes in the pipe itself, any holes in pipes are pretty evident (water – duh), this is looking more into the insulation that keep your clients water warmer for longer and their pipes from rusting in the elements. Just giving the insulation a once over with the eye from all sides should be enough to tell you if any parts need changing.

Check under the kitchen sink

We’ve all heard the saying “Everything but the kitchen sink”, but in this case even the kitchen sink needs a look in… The reality is that many people’s under-sink cupboard is full of cleaning chemicals, baskets, cloths, carrier bags, tools… anything and everything is kept under there. Unfortunately all it takes is one jolt on the sharp edge of a container, or a chemical spill and the pipe that goes under there is compromised. Just keep an eye out for anything lodged against it, and advise your client to make ample room for their pipework to make sure they don’t interfere with the pipes. A slight knock could loosen a seal enough to cause a leak!

Check for Rust

Spotted some rust appear on your pipes? Worse still… noticed rust coming out in your water from taps etc? Act now. A small bit of rust may just suggest a small component needs changing, a very rusty pipe is a leak waiting to happen, not t mention the potential health risks should that rust be in your drinking water!

So there you have it, 3 simple things to keep an eye on if you want to make sure you keep those bigger problems at bay.

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