“What’s wrong with the water that comes out of the tap?” we hear you ask… “Surely it must be safe and regulated” Well… yes, but it’s not quite that simple. Which is why a home water filtration system could be something to make your clients aware of…

Environmental Conservation

Globally, around 1 million plastic bottle are sold per second. So if we take the words of Sir David Attenborough on Blue Planet II seriously and put down that plastic water bottle production is terrible for the environment, there’s a problem. Especially when you take into account that only around 38% of plastic bottles are recycled… we need a solution. We’re not saying water filtration systems in the home are that solution, but if every home had one, how many less bottles of water would people buy?

COMPLETELY safe drinking water

So this is really just a well-known fact by now; tap water contains cleaning agents and chemicals, like chlorine and also a bunch of negatively charged metals such as magnesium and calcium which are not only bad in high doses, but also makes the water taste less than pleasant. Filtration systems clean water between entering the home and being released from the taps, leaving only the filtered, low level contaminating (and better tasting) water for us to drink.

Little to no aggravation of skin

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer… our skin is very absorbent, meaning the water we wash with can get absorbed. The bad thing is when the un-filtered water comes through the shower all the chemicals that are absorbed with the water can block up pores, cause spots, eczema or psoriasis. This is common in areas with hard water issues. The secret to clear skin? Maybe it’s a water filtration system?

Money Saving

Doing your job once and correctly is the best way for you not to waste your time and for your clients to not waste money. So, what if you could remove all the contaminants and metals away from the pipes, taps and showers etc? It stands to reason that your clients would end up with longer lasting home plumbing systems, it can mean that radiators will have to be bled less often and so on. All because metals aren’t starting to cake all around the inside of the pipes and cause their inevitable damage.